Leadership and All It Means

Leadership is always an interesting topic. How to do it is an entirely different story.

To succeed, your company must have everyone involved working their very best and this means more than applying their technical expertise. It even involves more than “people skills.” It requires a special kind of savvy, and that’s what you are a leader need.

Savvy leaders are able to get people to do what needs to be done even when faced with tremendous roadblocks and obstacles, even when there is a diversity of backgrounds, cultures, economic levels and personal styles. Leaders possess a skill which is almost undefinable to not let infighting, politics and power struggles stop the progressive force. It is almost next to impossible to have anything close to excellence if the individuals in your team are not committed. It takes an unusual person to know how to make things work for them instead of against them.

Sometimes people who want to influence change purposely create unwieldy situations and relationships so that creativity, originality and innovation will occur. If change is caused by you for the good of the operation, the results are usually positive.

Perhaps thinking people need to be stimulated, or may be looking further down the road. Since people are usually apprehensive about change, hopefully these moves have been strategized. If however, the change is forced by someone else who likes to create havoc, throw a curve in a plan or generally stir things up, then the change is not like to lead anywhere positive.

Some people can be extremely tedious, but they also point out important problems and weaknesses. They know where to focus their energies and we are foolish if we don’t learn from our mistakes. Rather than spend time lamenting, value them for what they uncover. If you thank them for their help, you will also frustrate them no end.

There are no “yes” people anymore. Cooperative, willing to listen and work for the common cause–yes–but not mindless robots who “go along with the program.” And the reason for the change is simple. Although, “yes” people may make things easier on a day-to-day basis, they will not produce innovation. And innovation and the ability to cope with, predict and market yourself and your business to change are keys to success in today’s turbulent business world.