Lifelong Continuous Learning

As an entrepreneur, you need to look at how you are providing for your own
“life-long continuous learning” and the education of your employees. I’d like
to give you some inexpensive suggestions as to how you might handle this
in a manner that can make a great deal of difference in the enthusiasm and
knowledge of your workforce.

1. Have brown back lunches. If you have someone on your staff who has a
particular knowledge base that is unusual or different, you might want to have
that person conduct 30 to 45 minut3 sessions during the lunch hour one
day a week. This could continue for a series of six weeks or only be a one
time session. Perhaps a new language could be introduced, or an art class
of some sort, or even yoga or tai-chi. It puts the focus on one of your own,
and gets everyone involved.
2. Have your employees make suggestions as to what they would like to
discover and provide it in the lunch hour or after work. Let them determine
when they would like to take the classes and how often.
3. Find a book or CD series that you think would be beneficial to your group.
Give copies of the book or CD’s to each person and let them do a report on a
separate chapter or CD. Or they can determine a book of their own and do a
report to the staff. Or the information can just be downloaded if they prefer.
4. You could hold an on-site seminar and bring in a contract trainer if it’s a
subject no one in your organization can handle.
5. Rent or buy a training DVD that you can show at a designated time and
have a discussion and problem-solving session around the information. You
can relate it to actual happenings in your group.
6. You could hold evening classes on site or at a local college.
7. There could be cross training or peer counseling. Then you could have the
cross functional teams get together and see how they can improve processes.

Let your people tell you what training they need and want. Have them
contribute suggestions as to programs, instructors, resources etc. The main
thing is to have an everyone coming from the same philosophy. If someone thinks
article they read is great, copies should be made available to everyone.