Marketing Direct Sales – Your Ideal Customer

Marketing for Direct SalesWho are you marketing to in your direct sales business?

Have you ever said to yourself the great thing about what I sell is everyone can use it? Many of us in business feel that way but there is a huge problem this type of thinking can lead to. How do you market to everyone? How do you figure out what kind of networking events everyone goes to? How do you know what neighborhood or what type of house everyone lives in? Well the answer is of course you can not possible market to everyone.

An ideal customers vs. anyone.

A potential customer is obviously anyone that could use your product or service to solve their need and has the ability to get money to pay you in exchange for your product or service. This always is a large pool of people.

An ideal customer is a type of person or business that will make up about 10-20 percent of your customer base but will contribute to a majority of your profit. The idea of finding your ideal client is really useful when you are thinking about marketing your direct sales business. This includes what types of networking events you go to and what types of referrals you ask for.

Why people fear marketing direct sales businesses to an ideal customer?

attract ideal customers

For some reason their seems to be a lot of fear with individuals in direct sales with marketing to an ideal client. I think some of this comes from the fact that often when we are sold on becoming a franchise owner of our respective companies we are told this is great for everyone. That idea appeals to us as it should. Often people think if they focus on an ideal customer when they are marketing their direct sales business that they will somehow loose the potential of working with all of those other people. For some they think if they concentrate on dominating a specific segment they will only get those exact type of clients and will loose all of the other types of clients. This could not be further from the truth.

What happens when you start focusing on ideal clients.

First of all remember that an ideal client is 10-20 percent of your customer base but makes up for a majority of the profit. So lets say the above scenario did happen lets say you only kept your ideal clients and also created more of them and got then so busy that you had to find someone else to help them. Let’s pretend you could only work with 10 Customers. To start with you only had 2 of them they each brought you $500 a month. The other 8 customers averaged $100 dollars a month. That is a total of $1,800. Once you decided to start focusing the marketing for your direct sales business on your ideal customer you attract 10 ideal customers averaging $500 a month each this would be $5,000 a month. That is an increase of $3,200. What is there to fear about that.

What typically happens is you start to get known as a specialist. Part of what you go through when you start marketing your direct sales business to a specific group of people is you start to really understand their specific challenges and needs. Through this process you began to really help and connect to those ideal customers in a very unique way. Then they start to trust you and get excited about how good you are with helping them that they start telling others about you even more. This creates a whirlwind of word of mouth referrals and business. As a result of all this great word of mouth advertising you not only get your ideal clients you get more of all kind of clients.

All of the large corporations know this too.

Think about it when was the last time you saw a McDonald’s ad in an environmental magazine. Why do you think Mountain Dew shows kids doing extreme sports in their ads. Why not show a professor trying to stay awake as he grades papers. At the same time 5 hour energy shows middle aged parents using their products instead of kids doing extreme sports. Do you have more money to market with than these corporations.

time is moneyMake more with less time by Marketing your Direct Sales Business to an ideal customer.

I realize that most likely if you are in a direct sales business you do not do a lot of traditional marketing. In this case you really need to think about your most precious resource is your time. Where do you spend your time. I would assume you make phone calls, go to networking events, have lunch with potential customers etc. Your time is just as important as the amount of money other businesses spend. Above everything else knowing who your ideal customer is and then putting your time into marketing and attracting them with your direct sales business will greatly increase the amount of money you make without having to spend more time. In fact you most likely will end up having extra time on hand.

Your Next Step

Now that you understand what really can happen by focusing your efforts on an ideal customer your next step will be to figure out who your ideal customer is.