Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

Remember that scene in Snow White when the witch asked, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” The mirror replied, “there is a lovely maiden more fair then thee.” The witch demanded the mirror to show her a picture of this maiden so she could see her beauty.

For the witch, this was a defining moment. Did she look inside herself to make a change? No. She decided to cast a spell and the rest is history. When is the last time that you took a long in the mirror and recognized that there are some things you could improve on? So many of us are quick to judge our family, our friends, and our competitors. Do we do the same when it comes to our own affairs?

In order to be better communicators, better leaders and better entrepreneurs we must improve ourselves to ensure the future of our companies. Are there things that you see in yourself that may need to be improved? Are you a yes person? Do you have a closed-door policy? Do you balance your time effectively between your work and your family? These are all areas of self-improvement that will directly impact our businesses in a positive way if we make the shift to improvement. Start by making a list of all of the traits that you know you would like to change, pick the top three and get started. It’s a process, so take it one step at a time. I discussed this topic with a few savvy entrepreneurs in the community and here are the top three items they would like to improve on:

Let Go & Let The Team Lead

Yes, this is your business. Yes, it’s your baby. Yes, it’s your livelihood. But remember you are only one person. You know that there is no “I” in team. Take the time to allow your team to learn and lead. Stop being a control freak and empower them to take charge on their own. In order to grow and be successful you have to put systems and processes in place.

Don’t Take It Home

As entrepreneurs we all have this burning passion inside of us to work a 90-hour work week. Is it necessary, maybe during the busy seasons of your business, but it should not be the norm. Create a schedule, set boundaries, and don’t take the work home with you. If you have a home office, leave the room at 5pm and shut the door (helps with the guilt- out of sight out of mind). There is no such thing as work/life balance (yes, I said it) but there are work/life choices. Choose to take time for you and your family to reap the benefits of your hard work.

You Have A Life?

I know it’s hard to believe that your employees have lives after they leave work. Guess what? They do. It’s important to acknowledge that they have lives outside of work and at times you need to take an interest. I’m not suggesting you attend birthday parties at their homes and share holiday dinners. A simple, “how was your daughter’s first day of school?” Or, “how was your son’s first soccer game?” It’s that easy. Ask a question and engage with your employees. It allows them to see you as a person and not just their boss. At the end of the day you’ll feel lad that you did!

“How noble and good everyone could be if, every evening before falling asleep, they were to recall to their minds the events of the whole day and consider exactly what has been good and bad. Then without realizing it, you try to improve yourself at the start of each new day.”

?Anne Frank