Motivation Basics

How can you motivate employees? First, you have to find out if the job they’re doing is a motivating job. Is what they do all day long interesting and exciting? Is it what they really want to do? Is it what they were hired to do? If you had to write a job description, would it be something they really had applied for?

Does their performance matter? Do you let them know that it matters? If an employee does a good job, do you tell them or do you just expect it? If you don’t tell someone they did a good job, resentment builds up and the employee says, “What does it matter? The boss doesn’t notice what I do anyway?”

Have the obstacles been removed? Maybe it’s some information they need, maybe there’s someone else in the office who is a stumbling block, maybe there’s a supplier of some sort who needs to give information before they can make a decision. Make sure all obstacles have been removed–that is the key to motivation whether the subject is an employee, or yourself.

You know that persistence plus discipline equals success. You know that testing your ethics ensures the success you seek is worthy of you, and you’ve learned to be unrealistic in a positive way by setting goals which might seem beyond your ability to achieve. And you’ve also learned to be realistic where it counts, in setting timetables for achieving these goals.

So when you want someone to be motivated, check the above to make sure it’s happening.