Expectations and Assumptions

How many of you who own businesses or are business leaders in large companies have experienced that disconnect with people who you thought clearly understood your expectations? For that matter, are they even clear about their expectations of you? How about times when you made incorrect assumptions about a relationship… Read More!

Being Different Or Making A Difference: There Is A Difference

Have you ever had someone tell you they are simply different and expect you to "get it"? They cannot understand why you do not "get them" at all. Whether it is a friend, co-worker or partner you are expected to simply accept their quirks. While many of us certainly understand… Read More!

Success=Persistence+Discipline–Part 2

Discipline is also crucial. It's the learned ability to do the same thing over and over and over again. It requires discipline to perform tasks you don't like. Discipline is that ability to form a pattern, to establish a methodology of making yourself more responsible for yourself, and the best… Read More!


There is always somebody who tries harder. There is always someonestronger, faster, smarter and better looking. But no one needs tobe more persistent.Persistence is defined by the situation. You learn from your mistakes,you don't wallow in them. You are foolish, not persistent, if yourepeat the same process in the same… Read More!

A Telephone Quiz

Last week's article was all about the telephone. Here's a quiz to see if you're on track. See how many times you answer "yes," "no," or "sometimes." 1. Do you know the proper thing to say on the phone? 2. Do you get to the point quickly? 3. Do you… Read More!

Timely Time Management Tips

Here are 20 timely tips to help you be more effective in your business. 1. Begin with a time log and discover your strengths and weaknesses. 2. Plan your day the night before so you get off to a good start. 3. Discover your prime hours so you schedule effectively.… Read More!

12 Tips on Leadership

1. Persistence is the most significant thing you can have as a leader. 2. Self-knowledge is important because you need to be aware of who and what you are before you can direct or motivate anyone else. 3. Risk-taking is relative. Leaders do not always feel risk is a part… Read More!