The Benefits of a JOOMLA Website

The most important reason to use the JOOMLA platform is the ease-of-use, ability to make updates and the flexibility of being in complete control of the content and ongoing edits. The JOOMLA system will allow a non-computer programmer with basic computer skills to make all edits and updates using a… Read More!

Your Website: The Core of an On-line Experience

Meeting with clients to discuss their website when used in conjunction with social media, we always give the analogy that their website is the hub of a wheel with the social channels as the spokes. Merely having a website does not guarantee traffic or business. Using a multi-pronged approach that… Read More!

Promoting Your Business

What does it take to promote your business and keep in mind you need to generate a profit? View this presentation and get some answers Read More!

Who do you trust with YOUR image?

WARNING BUSINESS OWNERS: Hire the wrong person to design your collateral material and you'll have a terrible end result and spend too much of your hard earned money! If you asked me, learning the ropes of Marketing should include spending time in a print shop and sitting with a graphic… Read More!