Conversation-Is It Easy?

Can you make a sale, whether that sales is yourself or a product, once you have the face-to-face interview? Do you have the telephone skills to get the interview in the first place? Your appearance, body language and ability to play whatever games are offered will speak volumes about your… Read More!

There Is a Science and an Art to Every Profession

Every profession has both a science and an art. The science can be taught, and people can be equally good at the science of any profession. The key to differentiate yourself in your profession is to develop the art side, not just the science side. For example, I was at… Read More!

How well are you “Blending”?

There is a term called "Blending" that is a strategy salespeople use to stay observant and in control of customer interactions. Compare it to the building of trust and rapport. Compare it to the first steps of relationship building and having a prospect know you are part of their solution.If… Read More!

Energize Your Life

This sounds like a very simple theme, but I'm amazed how many people drag themselves around tired most of the day, handling one crisis after another, putting out fires. Energizing your life means living it the way you want to. It means having things and people in your life who… Read More!

Watch for Negative Triggers

You've had conversations with people where you get ready to leave and you think to yourself..."that didn't go as well as I thought it should have". Chance are, you did something or said something that triggered a disconnect with the prospect. It may have been something you didn't even know… Read More!

Does the rise of social media mean the death of email?

Not so fast! Given the fact that social networking is on the rise, and presumably not going away, many companies may be neglecting their e-mail marketing. An article published at Social Media Week discusses the that many companies silo their marketing efforts from each other. In truth, when viewed as… Read More!

Speak Clearly – Be Strong

Speak Clearly -Be Strong I am a professional speaker. You may not be one, but I can tell you that one of the biggest skills you'll ever have is the ability to stand in front of any group at any time, and do a talk. You may be heading a… Read More!