Direct Selling on Facebook?

If you're a business owner attempting to use social media to grow your business, I'd like to share a word of caution. Please don't send pushy SALES messages. Facebook is for engaging people in discussions and educational tips and techniques. It's for connecting people, making them laugh, inviting them to… Read More!

Who owns your online content?

The last 48 hours have been a bit hectic for social media giant Instagram. In case you missed it, on Monday the company announced changes to it's legal terms, that gave Instagram right to sell user's photos for marketing and advertising purposes. The backlash was instant and universal. Within hours… Read More!

Social Media for the Cowardly Lion

In the ever changing world of social media, today's Pinterest can be tomorrow's MySpace any many businesses don't know how to keep up, let alone where to start. In today's fast-paced mobile environment, the business that adapts their message to the medium with their consumers are will be successful. Much… Read More!

Social Influence = ROI

Who did you learn your social media information from... your 14 year old, a co-worker or an industry professional that only does social media? One thing you can count on in dealing with social media channels- the rules are constantly changing. Listen in as Briana Bragg with Business Bragger, discusses… Read More!

Blogging 101: Where do I start?

Chances are if you are looking for a way to promote your business, someone has told you: "You need to blog!" If you're not a writer and don't know where to start, take your first steps by listening to EXPERT Blogger, Jillian Tobias with LogOn Media Strategies. Learn from Jillian… Read More!

How do you make social media effective for your business?

The title says it all: How DO YOU make social media effective for your business? Michael Black, CEO of Social Gorilla Media will share insights and answer questions such as: Why should a business enage in social media? How do you do so effectively? What is the expected ROI? How… Read More!

Developing a Social Media Strategy

Today's call is one of our GURUS, Jillian Tobias who is the President and Founder of LogOn Media Strategies. LogOn Media Strategies helps business owners, bridge the gap from the printed word to the huge world of social communication and they do this by developing a strategy appropriate for a… Read More!