Handling Stress and Time

It's been proven that five minutes of negative thinking takes 24 hours to recover from. However if your laugh, things can change. Healing laughter does a tremendous amount to reduce stress. Remember, it is difficult to have clenched teeth when you smile, and you can't be tense if your teeth… Read More!

A Great Way to Increase Your Mailing List

What is an e-book and how does a business use these books to increase traffic and customers? An e-book is nothing more than a digital book you can read on your computer or other digital device. At Mountaintop University, we work with our clients to develop and produce short e-books… Read More!

Are you a team leader?

Man or woman, the only real way to come out ahead is to follow your own path--working in the field you choose for an organization you admire and following your code of ethics in a manner you're comfortable with. You must learn to get along with most people, whether you… Read More!

Teana King-McDonald Refer or Hire Me

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter or check out my website at http://3econnections.com Read More!

Have You Stopped Learning?

You're busy, you're the C.E.O of Everything and training is the last thing on your mind when you leave work each day, right? Wrong. Training and education should be the one aspect of your professional growth that you should always make time for. Education for you and especially your team… Read More!

Who Are You?

As an entrepreneur, you are able to make your own decisions. You will have risks that go along with that. It isn't a road that's easy to follow as there are many days of worry. However, you may prefer the days of worry and problems over the rigid structure of… Read More!

Battle of the Sexes

People want more out of the workplace which includes freedom from sexual harassment or stereotyping and the freedom to play complex and often contradictory roles. It may take some of the same skills to run a corporation as it does to bring up a family and balance a budget, however… Read More!