Become Your Own Social Media Consultant

A social media consultant will tell you that there is no denying that social media marketing is important. After all that is what we do for a living. Social media is all the rage right now, especially for entrepreneurs, start ups, celebrities or those with a personal brand, but what… Read More!

Networking and Social Media Walking Hand in Hand

Social media the wonder site. There are few who have truly learned how to take advantage of the phenomena as a tool for business. Many share their lives on it, many treat it as though it is a "traditional" form of advertising, many blast their message as often as they… Read More!

7 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Your Advantage

I have heard this question multiple times. "I thought LinkedIn was for job searching?" Either you login to LinkedIn every day, rarely, or you think it is a job site. While LinkedIn is a great tool for job seekers and CEOs, it is also for anyone who wants to connect… Read More!

Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile may seem a bit advanced, especially if you are a LinkedIn beginner, but it can have immediate results. Think of LinkedIn like a search engine. You enter information about you (your profile) and others look for it. Just like any other search engine, there are ways… Read More!

Using Social Media for Corporate Espionage

Social media for corporate espionage? Don't turn away so quickly, I'm not talking about stalking someone's Facebook profile. Indeed, human resources has been engaging in online research for years on job applicants. The number of interns that get turned down each year because of inappropriate photos on their Facebook page… Read More!

Social Media for Non-Profits

Quick note about Non-Profit organizations: We Love Them! Our founder started his career working for a non-profit and his love for continues today for all they do. There is a natural synergy between social media and non-profits as people are more willing to share with their online network things that… Read More!

I Read Blogs, I Love Blogs, I Want to Write a Blog. But…

I read blogs. I love blogs. I recommend my clients write blogs. I hate writing blogs! I am no different than my clients. I get the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value of a blog for my business, brand and type of service offered. I just can't bring myself to write.… Read More!