Are you SoLoMo?

Several years ago there was a movement pushing on the internet known as hyperlocal. The philosophy was all your search engine optimization (SEO) should not only be geared towards to local market (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, etc) that it should be geared to the specific neighborhoods in those cities.… Read More!

5 Techniques to get you followed back on Twitter

Twitter is nothing more than an online relationship building platform. While some have turned it into the place they tell their life story and every action throughout the day - that type of use is not the reason Twitter was developed. It never fails when I give a presentation someone… Read More!

Facebook: The Household Name

While sitting in an airport waiting for the plane to arrive I held a conversation with a lady about Facebook. Usually people open up about their Facebook experiences, I must wear a secret sign that says "I own a social media agency feel free to share your social experiences with… Read More!

Networking & Social Media Walking Hand in Hand

Social media the wonder site. There are few who have truly learned how to take advantage of the phenomena as a tool for business. Many share their lives on it, many treat it as though it is a "traditional" form of advertising, many blast their message as often as they… Read More!

Don’t Sell On Facebook

If you're a business owner attempting to use social media to grow your business, I'd like to share a word of caution. Please don't send SALES messages. Facebook is for engaging people in discussions and educational tips and techniques. It's for connecting people, making them laugh, inviting them to a… Read More!