What is your Dedication?

How dedicated are you? My handle has always been...."Be the Best You can Be" and the way I have always gotten there is through persistance and discipline. This is very strange to me, since I'm definitely an extroverted personality who lives on being with people and usually on stage. But… Read More!

Lifelong Continuous Learning

As an entrepreneur, you need to look at how you are providing for your own"life-long continuous learning" and the education of your employees. I'd liketo give you some inexpensive suggestions as to how you might handle thisin a manner that can make a great deal of difference in the enthusiasm… Read More!

Achieving Wellness After 50

ACHIEVING WELLNESS AFTER 50 You've worked your whole life to it's fullest and now.....The Golden Years! Where are they? Remember when you thought that once you neared retirement, everything would be just keen and peachy? Now each day seems to bring another ache or pain, and you begin to feel… Read More!

Success = Persistance + Discipline

SUCCESS EQUALS PERSISTANCE PLUS DISCIPLINE If you conscientiously pursue a hard to sell client or job prospect, you will win admirers if you chart a course for yourself and refuse to deviate from it. If you analyze yourself from your client's point of view, you will have a far different… Read More!