3 Ways To Maximize The Benefits Of Leadership Skills Training

Studies show that only a small percentage of what is taught in leadership skills training classes is ever actually implemented. Individuals get aggravated when they feel as if they have squandered their time and money. Moreover, companies miss out due to the fact they now have individuals in leadership jobs… Read More!

10 Business Strategies

Dr. Gayle Carson recaps tips and techniques to energize your career and help you stay focused and productive everyday. Listen and enjoy! Read More!

The Art of Observation

Each of us has our own unique personality as well as strengths and talents. Seems like a simple enough concept as we grew up. But did you know that each of us developed our personality by age 3? That personality, even at such a young age, told others how we… Read More!

Are You an Egomaniac?

First things first. Call your own cellphone and listen to your recorded message. Is your voice short on friendliness? Does your message premier your own given title of CEO/President or any other title the company you worked for gave to you? Well, no one cares. That's right, you heard me...no… Read More!

What Motivates a Motivator?

That's what people are always asking me. Yet, I've never considered myself a motivator--always motivating but not a motivator. I think of it as positive energy. It's pretty hard to keep me down. I may get depressed for about 30 seconds, but then I always think of the reasons why… Read More!

Get a Mentor!

GETTING THERE AND GETTING A MENTOR The only limits are those you place on yourself. You may have to give up part of your social life, family life while concentrating on all the goodies of "getting there." But if you allow time you for a good physical fitness plan so… Read More!