Personality Styles

Most of us are aware there are 4 personality styles. Different instruments call them by different names, but I use the first letters of the alphabet. I think it’s important to look at each style and figure out what you are, your staff and anyone else who is in your circle of influence.

Remember, there is no good or bad, right or wrong or preferred style, except for the fact that we always like people like ourselves. We need various types to make our business go round, and if we understand them and their issues, it makes our life a lot easier.

The A person is someone who wants to be in control. They are quick, to the point, want things highlighted and bulleted, are motivated by directness and only fear being taken advantage of. I might point out that these people are very often CEO’s and in business for themselves. If you have someone like that working for you, you had better give them a lot of authority to make decisions, and don’t expect them to get caught up in the details.

The B person is high extroverted, loves to talk and be around people (this is me by the way), can’t sit behind a desk, doesn’t want any details and hates conflict. They are motivated by social recognition and fear social rejection, so you can see their life is centered around being in the center. While you may love having this person do your sales and marketing, just remember they will never turn in reports either. And their desk is probably a mess.

The C person is our dependable one. They are steady, faithful, loyal and a real team player. However, they don’t like change, and want stability. The A’s frighten them to death and they will never challenge you. They are extremely possessive and want to know where they are heading before they start out. They will run your office efficiently and treat everyone with care. You can’t get enough of these people because they are so dependable but they will not make heavy decisions either. Their biggest fear is loss of stability.

The D person is the analyst. The person who needs 42 reasons before they make the first move. They want 30 pages in single spacing before they move on the project, and they think the B’s are idiots. You can leave them alone with their papers or computers and they will be perfectly happy. They want things in perfect order and their biggest fear is criticism of what they do. If you want something done correctly, give it to them. You may have to wait a sizeable amount of time before you get it however.

Think about the people in your organization. Do you have too much of one type and not another? Is everyone where they should be? I might be great at looking at your numbers and know if you are doing all right, but I wouldn’t be happy doing that all the time.

Look at the types when you are planning your next hire.