Playing to Win-Win

Be prepared to take some risks. But remember, you’re trying to get to a win-win. Don’t put anyone in a losing position purposely. If you deal with the facts up front, you will find a much less tension-filled atmosphere.

No one can argue with what is. Don’t get drawn into personal arguments or situations. You must learn to differentiate behavior from personality. Try not to dislike someone on their style or words. Look beneath for the reason why. And if you still think this person is an undesirable character, so be it. Don’t think that the sun rises or sets on this situation.

When someone or some thing controls you that much, it can’t be for the good. The main point you need to remember is that you are a professional, and if you look and act like one no one can tear you down. Judge people on their competence, just as you would wish them to judge you. Don’t get hung up on idiosyncracies. You cannot be all things to all people, and neither can anyone else.

You should know how the game is played. Know who the power people are and who not to cross. Follow the leaders and see how they act, dress and perform. Observe their thinking process and find out why things are done the way they are. Learn how to be in the mainstream rather than out of flux.

Get a mentor. Support your peers. Help your subordinates, listen to your superiors, network. Use your contacts, and always keep an open mind.