Spirituality in Business

I’ve been hearing about spirituality in business for over two dozen years. And it was never a fashionable discussion. However with the advent of the topsy-turvey economy, the changing workforce and the job insecurity, this has changed.
Employers are beginning to realize how important it is to treat their workforce with respect, compassion and understanding. No, they aren’t getting soft on the work, but they are also realizing that if they’re going to keep the younger generation that they are hiring and spending money on to train, that there needs to be a new direction of leadership,

Young employees today want work that is meaningful and significant. They want to feel as if they are making a contribution to society. However, they’re also working along people who are over 50 who know they are responsible for getting the work out, making sure the product and service are impeccable. And they will stay as long as it takes.

When there is a spirit in the organization and team, when there is great caring and respect for each other, when people show empathy for the customer, management, employee, and the world around them, wonderful dynamics start to happen.

And so for the first time in a long while, spirituality and meaning is beginning to creep into the workforce and workplace. It doesn’t mean “getting soft” as much as it means caring and compassion. It means being mindful of the environment, the feelings of others, that we can agree to disagree and still get along. It means when we come to work, we are all in this together.