Starting The Conversation

Time to transition the conversation to the agenda at hand. The key to a successful interaction is all about getting the feedback and opinions of your client. Can they see themselves using or needing your service or product?

Get away from the one-side sales pitch and ask good questions to get the customer engaged. No more sales pitches.

Get the conversation started

Believe in one thing only- ask some an opinion and you get the conversation started. Tell them your ideas and conversations can come to a halt. How can you get a prospect engaged in a conversation? Get the talk started with the following phrases and see where it goes:

What is your Timing on…..

What is your Interest in……

How Comfortable are you with……

Explain your Thoughts on…….

Describe how you Feelabout…..

Tell me your Understandingof……

Share your Experience with…..

Do the most important thing you can do … listen for the opportunity. Yes, there is so much more than what you’ve just read- but one step at a time. Start the conversation and listen to the responses first. Talk after and you have an opportunity to collaborate on the client’s intended end results.