Stress Can Be Positive

Positive stress prepares you for the event that is going to happen. It usually gives you the ability to perform and follow through–all the things to which you say “I don’t know how I did that.” Positive stress spurs you on and makes you better and stronger.

Negative stress is what you have to guard against. It can drain your energy and dry you out. It causes headaches, tension and a weary feeling. All this works toward more aggravation because most of today’s stresses are emotional, prompted by outside influences, often manufactured or magnified by the person under stress.

It isn’t the situation that causes stress but your handling of it. Some people thrive on challenges. If they didn’t have conflict, they’d be bored. But they do view it as a challenge, not a problem. Others like to throw a monkey wrench into a plan just to see what happens.

Tensions and anxieties may make you work harder, but not necessarily smarter. There are many sources of stress but a major one for working people is having no direction in the workplace. Ambiguity in communication, responsibility with no authority, conflicting demands and too many projects with no clue of what is most important–all heighten the sense of stress.

If you couple this with no recreation or leisure life, and an unsteady home environment, you are usually headed straight for trouble. If you find yourself in a highly compromising situation because you’re faced with a decision you don’t want to make or a report that is unpleasant, or a peer who hasn’t performed, you’ll usually experience stress.

The demands keep rising as the control slips away. Pain and tension are the usual physical results.