Successful Development

Persistence and discipline are two of the critical factors to any success. Yet, there is one more, and that is commitment. Commitment means more than persistence. Commitment means doing something over and over until you get it right and it may mean sticking to something when it would be far easier to let it go.

It means listening to all sides of a story with interest and compassion. But still carrying on with what you think is right. Commitment is a visible promise to yourself and others even when something better might come along. Commitment to ideals earns you points in ways you can see and ways which maybe you can’t. It is the essence of leadership.

Success is impossible or at least unlikely, without a shared sense of values and beliefs. That’s why it’s important that you learn “success ethics.” Leadership is also critical to success. Without effective leadership you are an enterprise of one. With leadership, you can marshal an army.

Today’s leaders has to be a visionary and be charismatic. She must command a following and inspire others. She must be tangible and accessible to employees or at least seem so. Good ideas as well as talent come from the bottom of any organization.

Don’t wall yourself off from those who can help you get where you’re going.