Success=Persistence+Discipline–Part 2

Discipline is also crucial. It’s the learned ability to do the same thing over and over and over again. It requires discipline to perform tasks you don’t like. Discipline is that ability to form a pattern, to establish a methodology of making yourself more responsible for yourself, and the best framework from within which to build.

Without persistence and discipline, plotting a course and sticking to it, no amount of image building or imagination will get you there. However, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to regardless of your financial status, professional education or family background, providing you have the basic talent and abilities required, keep an open mind and lay a plan for yourself.
The two most important ingredients in your plan should be persistence and discipline. You must pursue your goal relentlessly and never get sidetracked. Nothing can interfere with your thought process. You must appreciate yourself and your accomplishments.

If you don’t understand how to handle success, it will handle you. You need to learn to take from it to get to the next step, and to give back to it though the community, your co-workers and the people who share your life.

If you don’t, there will be an empty void that will not make anything you have worthwhile.