There is always somebody who tries harder. There is always someone
stronger, faster, smarter and better looking. But no one needs to
be more persistent.

Persistence is defined by the situation. You learn from your mistakes,
you don’t wallow in them. You are foolish, not persistent, if you
repeat the same process in the same way over and over again even
though you know it hasn’t worked yet and the only thing keeping you
from trying something new is the fear of the new.

You are foolish, not persistent, if you ignore the lessons of the
environment and the wise teachers who have been placed on earth to
help you succeed.

But you are persistent, not foolish, if you conscientiously pursue a
hard-to-sell client or job prospect, if you show yourself to be
capable in ways that can’t escape the attention of your prospect,
your boss or others who are significant to your career.

Your persistence will win admirers if you chart a course for yourself
and refuse to deviate from it. You are persistent, not foolish, if
you analyze yourself from your client’s point of view. Why do I need
him or her? What about them makes me want to do business with them?
What unique qualities, knowledge of skills do they have?

And when you begin to listen honestly, those answers will start coming
in the affirmative, and you will have the tools you need to go beyond
the place where you are now to the place you want to be.

Your persistence will give you the answers you need to make critical
changes in the way you are perceived, which is crucial to success in
almost any field of human endeavor. Your persistence as well as other
skills you can develop, will help you to recognize your mistakes and
learn from them.

You can even use persistence to dodge the traps you may have used to
keep yourself from succeeding. If you don’t quit, you can’t be beaten.

It’s that simple.