The 7 simple rules of blogging

A lot of businesses & organizations understand that they should have a blog on their website. I couldn’t agree more and most Business Owners & Executive Directors we talk to agree as well. But there is a lot of confusion about how to do it or even what constitute a true Blog. So here are 7 simple rules to help you get started with your blog:

1. Your blog title should be keyword rich

You want to use good keywords, keywords that your typical member or potential member would be searching for. To identify good keywords, you can use Google Keyword Tool to get started.

2. Short & Sweet

I would recommend to keep it within 300 words, to include bullets, multiple short paragraphs and to bold keywords. Statistics show that most people don’t have nearly the attention span you think they do, get to the point and remove all unnecessary words & phrases.

3. Include some related links to your content

The rule of thumb is to have a link for every 120 words and could be a link to some interior pages of your website with more in depth information on the subject or better yet, a link to an outside source (i.e. Wiki) to provide additional information or to explain a specific term.

4. Add one single image to your blog

Most of what we track shows that having one image per blog is good. It makes it more visually appealing and gives people something to relate to than just a whole bunch of words. The image should describe the mood or feeling or describe in some ways what the blog is about. Make sure to add an image description to your image (aka ALT tag)

5. Make sure to have a RSS & email subscription

Most blogging services include RSS and adding a way for people to easily subscribe to your upcoming blog is a great way to spread your voice and to make your organization relevant. Some organizations have 70-80 percent of their blog readers subscribe by email, the rest will use RSS.

6. Getting people to comment

Some of the great ways to do that is to ask a question at the end of your blog or be controversial. Also, you can leave part of the subject not covered. If you completely cover a subject, there isn’t much room for someone to add anything to it.

7. How often should I blog?

Log once or twice a week. Yes, at least once a week, twice would be better. I know what you are thinking: “How on earth am I going to find the time to do this once, let alone twice a week”. I think it’s important for any organization to engage the whole membership, dumping this on one person’s lap is a recipe for it to fail. Try a contest with your members: “best blog submitted will be published and the winner will receive a discount for the annual convention”.

Is your schedule packed enough that the idea of adding blogging sounds like a nightmare? Ask a digital marketer to help.