The Art of Observation

Each of us has our own unique personality as well as strengths and talents. Seems like a simple enough concept as we grew up. But did you know that each of us developed our personality by age 3? That personality, even at such a young age, told others how we best learned and how we identified with our special talents. Did everyone understand and treat us special on a daily basis? The answer is usually a simple, no.

As we grow and develop, we establish our unique set of strengths and talents. This is actually a bigger deal then you may think ,because our unique personality, coupled with our strengths and talents are designed to make us happier, more aware of what we do best and allow us to live a more personal and professionally satisfying life. I guarantee it!

As an educator, both teacher and school principal, I experienced these observations first hand and taught my teachers to encourage and look for strengths and talents every day. But an observation is only that and doesn’t become a positive interaction unless it’s written down and shared. As a professional in other fields, I have used this approach with my employees, other organizations, family and friends. Imagine the positive behaviors this promotes.

Observe others daily, write down simple thoughts and be specific in your observations. It’s not enough to share someone did a good job- explore and share exactly what made the job they did, so good. If the specifics are not present, how can one repeat a good behavior?

So now it’s your turn. Begin an observation process and you just may unleash a cumulative power that teaches you who you are, who they are and why you should care.