The Deadly One Hundred

You’ve probably heard me say that we all experience approximately 100 abrasive incidents a day, from hostility on the highway to unwelcome telephone solicitations. Abrasive incidents may come in disguise. If you are a person who works 12 hours a day because you can’t get anyone else to do it, or takes no for an answer because no one else will do it–those are abrasive incidents. Don’t become hostile, don’t strike out–all are stress builders.

When you start to become anxious about something, it’s usually a sign. Become aware. Let people know where you stand. Their reaction may surprise you. They like it because it gives them more control and therefore less stress.

You can’t have control if you don’t know who and what your stressors are. We must know how to avoid them in the future or change them if possible. We must find ways to deal with our stress so we can cope effectively. Assertive management and attitude have a lot to do with coping and how people perceive us. The mind can image stress where it isn’t so take care.

Assertive management is one way to reduce stress. Stress can’t be avoided in this day and age. There are too many changes and restructurings going on all the time. There is nothing so constant these days as change and since change is a primary fear in people’s lives. It’s something we have to learn to deal with.

Major factors are the amount of stress, its length and your perception of it. Not all stress is negative and I’ll discuss that next week.