The Power Is In The Questions

What are some reactions we have when facing a problem?

What do these emotions all have in common?

Have you ever had a problem where someone offered a solution and you became even more frustrated? Why?

Steps to Effectively Solve Problems:

  1. Remove emotion, get to the heart of the problem
  2. Ask clarifying and relevant questions
  3. Listen Actively
  4. Collaborate toward a solutio

Success Tips:

  • The power is not in what you tell people, but in what you ask
  • Discovery learning: People are more likely to accept things that they discover for themselves.
  • No one cares what you know until they know you care…
  • The larger the problem you are willing to solve the more respect and opportunity you will receive
  • Listening without distractions can allow people to solve their own problem and also can reveal the real problem.
  • Avoid the Blame Game, be accountable, accept responsibility and work toward solutions.
  • We don’t get a prize for being right!