The Power of a High Performance Mindset

Most people believe that a High Performance Mindset means that you can only create positive things like wealth and health. But that is not the case. A High Performance Mindset simply means that you can create and manifest your future with your mind and your actions – positive or negative.

YEP! Read that again. You can create a catastrophe just as quickly as you can create success. It is truly up to you to decide the direction of the pendulum.

Here is an example:

At a recent conference I asked two volunteers if they believed they could earn $50 before my speech was over. The rules were that they could not ask for money but they had to know they would get it in the next 45 minutes.

Young Woman Looking Nervous And Anxious

The first woman, Kendra said “No! Why would somebody give me money? What am I going to do? Steal it?”

The second woman, Audrey said “Absolutely. Why not?”

I told them they had 45 minutes remaining to earn $50 and sent them back to their seats.

In an audience filled with 2000 people I explained the three steps to a High Performance Mindset: 1 – Know that you can reach your goals; 2- Take action without worrying about how the goal would be reached; 3 – Recognize that you are the creator of your future.

45 minutes later I called the two women back up to the stage. I asked Kendra how she did with the task. She said, “I knew I was not going to get $50 during your speech so I did not bother.” She returned to her seat confident that the task was a foolish waste of time.

Young woman holding fanned out banknotesI then asked Audrey how she did. She said, “Well, I knew I could do it. So I asked the guy with the baseball hat if he would let me borrow it. Then I put a note inside that read ’45 minutes – 1 goal’ along with a single dollar bill. I passed the hat down the aisle like they do in church and it kept going until it made it to the front row.”

“Ok”, I said, “How much have you collected?” Audrey counted out $252.00 which I matched. She ended up with over $500.

When I asked the audience which of the two women used the High Performance Mindset they overwhelmingly pointed to Audrey. But in actuality, both women used a High Performance Mindset.

Kendra decided that nothing would happen. So, nothing did. In fact, I found out later that people had offered her money and she would not accept it. She was determined not to earn any money.

Audrey also used the High Performance Mindset to reach her goal. She decided that something would happen; so something did and Audrey exceeded her expectations 10 fold.

Remember, a High Performance Mindset creates your future exactly as you decide it will be.