Tips and Beyond

Think about having a tip for the day. Certainly there must be something that you can tie into your business. I’ve always felt there was always something I could give someone to improve how they conducted business and generate more income for them.

What is there you can do? If you have a plumbing company, what could you tell someone like me, who knows nothing at all about plumbing except that I want it to work, that would save me time and money. Are there things I should be doing that would save me expensive repairs if I knew about them?

I know I have to change the oil in my car every 3000 miles or so if I want it to work properly. It’s also a good idea to have my teeth cleaned every three months and brush and floss so cavities don’t come my way.

It’s a great idea to take vitamins even though by eating the correct foods I am supposed to receive enough of my necessary daily intake.

Think about the product or service you provide. You’re probably such an expert, that you don’t even think about what people should be doing to protect themselves or maximize efficiency. If you have a sign in front of your office space, that’s where your “tip of the day” should go.

If you have a hold button that plays a message, that is where you can offer your tip. If you send out e-mails, you could attach your tip to your message. Just think, at the end of the year, you’d have enough tips to make a small booklet that you could include in your mailings.

People love clever information, and you would set yourself apart by doing this. You might even put the tip into a message that would suggest
additional services. For example, we know that McDonald’s always asks, “and would you like fries with that?” Airlines ask “Will you be needing a rental car?”

What if you said, “Be sure to ask about our Monday 10% discount. You can then be sure you are getting the best deal of the day. However, just remember, do a good deed today and make someone’s life brighter.”

This way, you are putting a sales idea in their head along with a positive thought.

Become known for great suggestions and even better value. There are ways to combine both and not even have people realize what you’re doing. It’s part of the subconscious power of suggestion and it works.