Tips to make people want to read your blogs

What makes people want to read your web content? Just remember the last time you read an interesting blog or article and you shared it on Facebook, or forwarded an email to a friend with a “you need to read this!!”

Most of the time, it will be for one of the following reasons:

  1. It was surprising, unexpected or weird
  2. It was remarkably good or bad
  3. It was a great story
  4. It was visually striking – cute, beautiful, moving, funny or compelling
  5. It was helpful or solved a problem
  6. It was personally perfect – it made you think of someone and so you just had to send it to them

Next time you need to write some web content, use the list above and decide which direction to go with. You can choose one or several. It could be a great story with an unexpected twist. It could be helpful & funny. You get the point, right?

Now, why should you do this, simply because:

  • Boring doesn’t get read
  • Boring doesn’t get shared
  • Boring doesn’t get funded

Happy web content writing!

original post 9/6/2012