Values and Attitude

Tradition holds that humility is a quality to be nurtured. We respect it along with honesty and integrity because of that tradition. You might also call these things value.

Another value choice is that of compromise. However, the most important credo is that you be true to yourself. Sometimes when you’re at the top and enjoying all the trappings of success, you begin to believe your own press clippings.

Never stop paying attention to the people whose loyalty and efficiency helped get you where you are. That can be fatal arrogance. Remember, there is always some organization waiting to take your place and a bright, clever young entrepreneur who has the ideas, guts and enthusiasm of camaraderie, spirit and accomplishment, while everything around you may be going haywire.

This is called attitude.

For example: If your business is serving food, the attitude of the people serving will have more to do with the restaurant’s success than either the quality of food or price. You make out of anything exactly what you want it to be. There are certainly obstacles in many situations, but how you deal and learn from them are the most important keys to personal and professional growth. How you visualize, conduct yourself and treat others will build your reputation and do more for your credibility than anything else.

Commitment is another important ingredient. It’s almost more important than persistence. Not only does it mean doing something over and over again until you get it right, but it also means sticking to it when it would be far easier to let it go. It means listening to all sides of a story with interest and compassion, but still carrying on with what is right.

It’s a visible promise to yourself and others even when something better might come along. It earns you points in ways you can and can’t see. Leadership is one more addition to the mix. Without effective leadership, you are an enterprise of one. With it, you can marshal an army.

Today’s leader must be visionary and charismatic. You must command a following and inspire others. You must be tangible and accessible to your employees and not wall yourself off from those who can help you get where you’re going. Good ideas and talent come from the bottom of any organization. Success is something that other people use to keep score about you.

It includes happiness, so you’d better be enthusiastic and excited about what you’re doing. Your smile, manner, image and conduct set the tone for everyone and everything around you. Make sure that what you do matters. Whether it is working in the community, volunteering or modeling in your own organization, be seen as a give not a taker.

Maybe your idea of success is the ability to develop a new method, idea or way of doing business that has never been done before, but whatever definition of success you subscribe to, the most important thing is to be good at what you do. Be the best you can be, treat people well and emulate the kind of person you want to be by having the qualities you admire in others.

Try these things and unqualified success will come to you.