What is your Dedication?

How dedicated are you?

My handle has always been….”Be the Best You can Be” and the way I have
always gotten there is through persistance and discipline. This is very
strange to me, since I’m definitely an extroverted personality who lives
on being with people and usually on stage. But I think it’s my upbringing.
I was brought up by very determined parents–not strict, but expectant.

They just expected me to come home with the good grades and be responsible.
There was no hint that anything else would be tolerated. I was watching an
old TV show, and one of the people said “I hate when I open my mouth and
my mother comes out.” And I know exactly what they were talking about.

The way I approach everything is very systematic, even though I’m not a
detailed person. If a doctor tells me to do something, I do it. If I know
I have to respond by a certain date, I do it.

And that brings me to the dedication part. What price are you willing to
pay for the things you want to achieve?

Most successful people have experienced many many failures. They just don’t
look at them in that manner. They believe they have found the things that
don’t work. It’s amazing to me how many hours athletes practice for the
few seconds they spend on a playing field, or competing in a sport, or
gaining the medal.

Even dancers and pianists spend years taking lessons and practicing before
they expect to “make it” in their fields. Yet there are some people who
try something once, and when it doesn’t work, they change gears. They float
from thing to thing, without giving anything a fair chance.

Now I don’t believe that is you. But you have to look at what you are doing
each day, and see where you should be putting your time. We get so caught up
in the mundane, that we don’t have time for the things that could progress
us to the next level. This takes discipline, and when you find out what that
thing is, it will take persistence.

I want you to make a time log for the next two weeks and see how you are
spending your time. What did you do that you shouldn’t be doing any longer?
What should you have done that you didn’t? How could you have spent one
hour a day or three house a week, learning a new skill? What should you
have tried that you didn’t?

Once you analyze where you time is going, you will have a better idea of how
you should change it. This is not just a time management hint, it’s a
growth tip.