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Much to do about Marketing

One of the main problems that faces an entrepreneur or small business person is the issue of marketing. Most people who go into business very often do so because they have been successful working at a particular task, industry or business. They may be down-sized or out-sourced or may have even been told by a customer that if they went out on their own, they would get all their business. If this sounds like you, and you did exactly that only to find out the going is tougher than you thought it would be, marketing could be your main problem.

Since your budgets may be tighter than you thought, or you really can’t decide which form of advertising will do you the most good, I suggest looking at some of the less expensive forms of marketing-those of building relationships. One way to start doing that is to look at where your customer frequents. Who else do they do business with who is not a competitor? Can you partner with those people? Would they recommend you? Can you exchange customer lists? Can they offer your product or service as an ad-on or at a discount? Would that create more value for their customers?

When you are in a position of quiet desperation, it is very often difficult to thing straight and make good choices. Try the following steps to start creating a little “buzz.”

1. Go outside your comfort zone and look at where your business could be coming from and what it should be doing that it isn’t at the present time.

2. Find a person you admire who is successful and ask them about how you are perceived and thought of. Once you understand how people view you and your company, you will know what needs to be changed.

3. Keep reading the trade journals and newspapers to see if there are meetings you should attend, organizations you can join and people you should be networking with.

4. Look to the leaders in your field and see what they are doing, how you can be a little different, and where the trends are going.

5. Think about where you need to be in three years and what it’s going to take to get there. Is it worth your time and energy for what you need to do, or should you be heading in a different direction?